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A. 短对话

1. 参考原文:

W: I can’t seem to reach the tea at the back of the cupboard.

M: Oh… Why don’t you use the ladder? You might strain your shoulder.

Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?

点评:本题考点:计划或者建议。考点在第二个男士的提议。答案选B:Use a ladder to help her reach the tea. strain v.表示拉伸,扭伤 strain your shoulder 拉伤肩膀。

2. 参考原文:

W: Since it’s raining so hard, let’s go and see the new exhibits.

M: That’s a good idea. Mary Johnson is one of my favorite painters.

Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place?

点评:本题考点:对话场景题。通过女士提到的“new exhibits”和男士提到的“favorite painters”可推出答案为D:Outside an art gallery.

3. 参考原文:

M: I hear the students gave the new teacher an unfair evaluation.

W: It depends on which student you are talking about.

Q: What does the woman imply?

点评:本题考查语义推断。考点在第二个女士的回应,面对男士的说法,她并没有表示认同,而是婉转表达了质疑。对应选项B. She does not quite agree with what the man said. “unfair evaluation”意思是“不公平的评价”。

4. 参考原文:

W: It must have taken you a long time to fix up all these book shelves.

M: It wasn’t too bad. I got Doris to do some of them.

Q: What does the man mean?

点评:本题考查事实细节。考点在第二个男士的话。对应选项C. Doris fixed up some of the book shelves.原文中男士说的 “do some of them”指的就是修理书架。

5. 参考原文:

W: Rod, I hear you’ll be leaving at the end of this month. Is it true?

M: Yeah. I’ve been offered a much better position with another firm. I’d be a fool to turn it down.

Q: Why is the man quitting his job?

点评:本题考查因果关系。考点在第二个男士所解释的原因。对应D. He has found a better position. “position”即“职位”, “firm”即“公司”。 “quit”即“放弃,辞职”的意思。

6. 参考原文:

W: I honestly don’t want to continue the gardening tomorrow, Tony?

M: Neither do I. But I think we should get it over within this weekend.

Q: What does the man mean?

点评:本题考查转折关系。考点在第二个男士语义转折之后的内容。对应选项A. They should finish the work as soon as possible. 选项 “finish”同义替换原文中的 “get it over”,而 “as soon as possible”则改写了 “within this weekend”.

7. 参考原文:

W: You’ve already furnished your apartment?

M: I found some used furniture that was dirt cheap.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

点评:本题考查事实细节。考点在第二个男士所说的话,习惯用语 “dirt cheap”就是“很便宜,白菜价”的意思。对应答案D. The furniture the man bought is inexpensive. 其中 “inexpensive”同义改写了“dirt cheap”。

8. 参考原文:

W: Has the mechanic called the bus repairers?

M: Not yet .I’ll let you know when he calls.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

点评:本题考查语义推断。考点要结合女士的提问和男士的回答。对应B. The woman is waiting for a call. “mechanic”指“机械工”,“bus repairers”指“公车修理师”。


Conversation one:

Questions 9 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

9. Why couldn’t the woman’s roommate attend the Shakespearean English class that afternoon?

10. What favor is the woman going to do for her roommate?

11. What does the woman want to know at the end of the conversation?


9. 点评:前2句都是礼节性问答,第3句开始出现新人物 “Janet Holmes”, 即考点预警信号。关键信息就是女士接下来的回答:“It’s just that she submitted a job application yesterday and the company asked her in for an interview today”.对应A选项:She had a job interview to attend.

10. 点评:前文刚刚提到“Janet Holmes”所遇到的问题(因面试不能上课交作业),接着就提到了解决这一问题的方法,关键听取原文中“I’m calling to see whether it would be OK if I gave you her essay.”对应选项C:Submit her roommate’s assignment.

11. 点评:从四个选项都以特殊疑问词开头的特征可以预判,本题考点是某人的疑问。关键信息是女士在最后所提到的问题:“And Dr. Ellis, one more thing, could you tell me where your office is?”对应选项A. Where Dr. Ellis’s office is located.

【综合点评】:本题完全符合长对话 “问答结构”的惯有出题套路,分别针对problem和solution进行提问,而且并没有出现逆序出题现象为难考生,整体难度一般。

Conversation 2:

Questions 12 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

12. What does the man say about his job?

13. Which train does the man take to work every day?

14. How does the man feel about commuting to work every day now?

15. How does the man spend his time on the morning train?


12.点评:第一题完全符合“前3句出考点”的套路,考点信息出现在明显的信号词 “But”之后:“But it’s bearable now that I’ m used to it”。 bearable 表示可以忍受的,be used to 表示为习惯做某事。对应选项C:He can handle it quite well.

13. 点评:本题考查时间细节,所听即所选。关键信息是“It was terrible at first, especially getting up before dawn to catch that 6:30 train” 对应选项B:The 6:30 train.

14. 点评:本题考点再次出现在明显信号词But之后:“But now I quite enjoy it.”对应选项C:The time on the train is enjoyable

15. 点评:长对话最后一题往往对应整个对话的结尾部分。女士最后问男士在车上如何消磨时光,男士的回答则是考点信息:“In the morning, I just sit in comfort and read the papers to catch up with the news.”对应选项A:Reading newspapers.


Passage One

16. What should American college students do to cope with their heavy reading assignments?

17. What suggestion does the speaker give about marking a textbook?

18. How should students prepare for an exam according to the speaker?


16. 点评:根据短文理解“前3句出考点”原则,如果本文前1、2句的因果关系没有成为考点,考点则顺延到第3句和第4句,关键信息为“They need to extract as much information as possible from the first or second reading.”extract表示提取、选取, 对应选项D:Get key information by reading just once or twice.

17. 点评:从第二段开始,marking skill被反复提到,无疑是重要考点。就做标记的技巧,作者一共提了3个建议,其中 “Third, decide on your own system for marking”几乎完整地被选项A照搬下来:Choose one's own system of marking.根据所听基本即所选原则,答案就是A。

18. 点评:最后一题考察了转折结构,考点信息出现在明显的信号词 ‘Instead”之后:“Instead, you just need to review your marks and you can save a lot of time.”对应选项B:By reviewing only the marked parts.

Passage Two

19. What is taken for granted by most people?

20. What do doctors think of Al Herpin's case?

21. What could have accounted for Al Herpin's sleeplessness?


19. 点评:答案出现在明显的信号词 “But”之后,即:“But everyone needs some rest to stay alive.”对应选项D:Everybody needs some sleep for survival.

20. 点评:答案出现在明显的信号词 “But”之后,即:“But a man named Al Herpin turned out to be a rare exception”对应选项C:It is a rare exception. rare表示稀有的,少见的。

21. 点评:根据顺序出题原则,本题对应文章结尾部分。文章最后提到医生对Al Herpin不用睡觉感到困惑,紧接着就解释了原因。 “clue”(表示线索)是本题的考点信号词,随后就是考点信息:“He remembered some talk about his mother having been injured several days before he had been born.” 对应选项B:His mother's injury just before his birth.

22. What do we learn about Hetty Green as a child?

23. How did Hetty Green become rich overnight?

24. Why was Hetty Green much hated?

25. What do we learn about Hetty's daughter?


22. 点评:本题略有难度。考点即没有出现在前3句话,也没有出现在明显的信号词之后,但是只要提前划记好了本题关键词,根据“所听基本即所选”原则还是可以找到答案C:She developed a strong interest in finance. 该选项对应原文信息 “At the age of six she started reading the daily financial newspapers and opened her own bank account.”

23. 点评:本题略有难度。考点紧跟在上一题考点句之后,即 “Her father died when she was 21 and she inherited 7.5 million dollars.”对应选项D. She inherited a big fortune from her father.

24. 点评:本题难度较大。错误选项中的细节有较强干扰性,但如果考生对最后一段的整体结构有所把握,就会发现在第一句提到了Hetty的 “meanness”(吝啬,小气) 之后,后文 “always argued about prices” “buy broken biscuits” “refused to pay for a doctor”这些细节都属于次要信息,是对“meanness”的例证。对应选项A. She was extremely mean with her money.

25. 点评:本题考点就是本文最后一句话 “her daughter built a hospital with her money”对应选项B. She built a hospital with her mother's money.







A nation of non-readers: A strange and costly disregard for books

MANY Brazilians cannot read. In 2000, a quarter of those aged 15 and older were functionally illiterate. Many simply do not want to. Only one literate adult in three reads books. The averageBrazilian reads 1.8 non-academic books a year—less than half the figure in Europe and the United States. In a recent survey of reading habits, Brazilians came 27th out of 30 countries, spending 5.2 hours a week with a book. Argentines, their neighbours, ranked 18th.

In rare accord, government, businesses and NGOs are all striving in different ways to change this. On March 13th the government launched a National Plan for Books and Reading. This seeks to boost reading, by founding libraries and financing publishers among other things. The Brazil Reader Institute, an NGO, brings books to people: it has installed lending libraries in two São Paulo metro stations, and is planning one in a Carnival samba school. It is starting to be common to see characters in television soap operas shown reading. Cynics note that Globo, the biggest broadcaster, is also a big publisher of books, newspapers and magazines.

One discouragement to reading is that books are expensive. At São Paulo's book fair this week, “O Código Da Vinci” was on sale for 32 reais—more than a tenth of the official minimum monthly wage. Most other books have small print-runs, pushing up their price.

But Brazilians' indifference to books has deeper roots. Centuries of slavery meant the country's leaders long neglected education. Primary schooling became universal only in the 1990s. Radio was ubiquitous by the 1930s; libraries and bookshops have still not caught up. “The electronic experience came before the written experience,” says Marino Lobello, of the Brazilian Chamber of Books, an industry body.

All this means that Brazil's book market has the biggest growth potential in the western world, reckons Mr Lobello. That notion has attracted foreign publishers, such as Spain's Prisa-Santillana, which bought a local house last year. American evangelical publishers are eyeing the market for religious books, which outsell fiction in Brazil.

But reading is a difficult habit to form. Brazilians bought fewer books in 2004—289m, including textbooks distributed by the government—than they did in 1991. Last year the director of Brazil's national library quit after a controversial tenure. He complained that he had half the librarians he needed and termites had eaten much of the collection. Along with crime and high interest rates, that ought to be a cause for national shame.


36. N. simply

本空所在句不缺其它成分,该空应为副词。备选副词J) particularly(专门地、特别地)与N) simply(简单地、仅仅)中,simply符合句意“许多人仅仅是不想学着识字。”

37. A. average

本空修饰名词Brazilian,需要形容词。备选形容词A) average(平均的、普通的)E) expensive(昂贵的)K) potential(潜在的)中,average符合句意“普通的巴西人每年读1.8本非学术书目”。且reads 1.8 non-academic books a year也在提示这里是在描述平均值。

38. M. ranked

本空是该句谓语,缺动词。且与前句并列,而前句用的过去式,因此本空需动词过去式。备选的有C) distributed(分发、散布)、F) launched(发射、发动)、G) named(取名、提名)、H) neglected(忽视)、L) quit(退出、辞职)、M) ranked(排名)和O) treasured(珍惜)。能与空后的18th构成合理搭配的只有ranked,表示“排在第18位”。另外前句描述的也是巴西的排名。

39. F. launched

本空是该句谓语,缺动词。由于描述的是过去的日子,需要过去式。备选的有C) distributed(分发、散布)、F) launched(发射、发动)、G) named(取名、提名)、H) neglected(忽视)、L) quit(退出、辞职)和O) treasured(珍惜)。本空后的专有概念National Plan for Books and Reading明显是个活动或计划之类,能与之构成合理搭配的只有launched,表示“发起了此计划”。

40. E. expensive

本空做表语,主语是books,形容词、动词分词可能性较大。注意到后句提到push up their price,因此这里描述的应该是书的价格,expensive符合话题。

41. H. neglected

本空是所在从句的谓语,且描述的是过去、主句也为过去式,因此这里需要过去式。备选的有C) distributed(分发、散布)、G) named(取名、提名)、H) neglected(忽视)和L) quit(退出、辞职)O) treasured(珍惜)。注意前句引出的话题是巴西对书籍的漠视,本句提到的也是巴西长期奴隶制的影响,因此本空应选择neglected,表示巴西“长期忽视教育”。distributed意思不合理,treasured则与这里想表示的意思相反。

42. K. potential

本空一种可能是副词,但备选副词只剩particularly,而其意思在这里并不合适,这里也没有构成其所表示的递进关系的条件。因此只能考虑本空另一种可能:名词。备选的有B) collection(收集)、D) exhibition(展览)和K) potential(潜力)。potential是唯一意思合理的,表示巴西的图市场“有着最大的增长潜力”。

43. C. distributed

本空位于名词后,应为后置定语,需要动词分词;by提示了这里需要过去分词。备选的有C) distributed(分发、散布)、G) named(取名、提名)和L) quit(退出、辞职)O) treasured(珍惜)。这里意思合理的只有distributed,表示“被政府分发的书籍”。

44. L. quit

本空是该句谓语,其描述的是过去,需要过去式,备选的有G) named(取名、提名)、L) quit(退出、辞职)、和O) treasured(珍惜)。同时该空后无宾语,因此必须是不及物动词,符合此要求的只有quit,表示国家图书馆负责人辞职。

45. B. collection

空前的定冠词提示本空需要名词,备选的有B) collection(收集)和D) exhibition(展览)。这里意思较合理的是collection,它可以表示图书馆的馆藏书籍。意思是“白蚁吃掉了大部分馆藏书籍”。


本文节选自Sharon L. Spray, ‎Karen Leah McGlothlin所著Global Climate Change一书。


Global warming is what we are worried about, and it is exactly as it sound — a trend toward warmer conditions around the world. Part of the warming is natural; we have experienced a 20,000-year-long warming as the last ice age ended and the ice melted away. However, we have already reached temperatures that re in line with other interglacial (minimum ice) periods, so continued warming is likely not natural. We are contributing to a predicted worldwide increase in temperatures ranging between 1° and 6 ℃ (2° and 10 ℉) over the next 100 years. The warming will be more dramatic in some areas, less in others, and some places may even cool off. Likewise, the impact of this warming will be very different depending on where you are — coastal areas must worry about rising sea level, while Siberia and northern Canada my become more habitable and appealingfor humans than these areas are now.

The fact remains, however, that it will likely get warmer, on average, everywhere. Scientists are in general agreement that this process has already begun and that the warmer conditions we have been experiencing at the end of the twentieth century are at least in part the result of a human-induced global warming trend (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] 1995). Some scientists maintain that the changes we are seeing fall within the range of random variation — some years are cold, others warm, and we have just had an unremarkable string of warm yearsrecently — but that is becoming an increasingly rare interpretation in the face of continued and increasing warm conditions.


36. I) melted


37. G) line

本空空前是介词,因此需要名词性成分,且要考虑与空后的with构成搭配。符合要求的只有line(in line with,与……一致)。意思是我们已经接近“与其他最小冰川期时一致的温度”。

38. C) contributing

前句用完成时表示已经达到的状态,本句we are描述的则是正在发生的过程,需要动词的ing形式,且要考虑与空后的介词to构成搭配。备选的有appealing to(呼吁、上诉)、contributing to(促成、导致),ranging后不直接与介词to构成搭配。意思合理的只有contributing,为“我们正促成世界范围内气温的升高”。

39. K) ranging

本空引领的是temperature的后置定语,需要动词分词。备选的有appealing(呼吁、上诉)、ranging(范围在……)和resolved(决心)。空后的between 1℃ and 6 ℃明显是范围区间,因此ranging合乎语义。range between/from A and B为常用搭配。

40. D) dramatic

本空作为表语,且空前有more,提示了本空需要形容词。备选的有appealing(有吸引力的)、dramatic(戏剧性的、突发的)和sensible(明智的)。这里描述的是气候变化的效果,因此dramatic意思更合适,意为“某些地方的气候变化会更加戏剧化”。后半句提到的有些地方可能cool off(变冷)也是暗示气候变化的突发及剧烈。

41. F) impact

空前的the暗示本空需要名词。备选的有average(平均)、impact(影响)和shock(震惊)。impact和shock都能用于与warming构成搭配,但后面提到的different depending on where you are提示了本空应当是一个较为宽泛的概念,故impact更合适,意为“气候变暖的影响因所在地不同而不同”。

42. A) appealing

空前的and提示了本空与and前的habitable(宜居的)同词性且义相近。因此本空需要形容词,备选的有appealing(有吸引力的)和sensible(明智的)。意思上与habitable更能并列、描述本句所说的Siberia and northern Canada的影视appealing,表示“西伯利亚和加拿大北部可能会变得更宜居、更吸引人”。

43. B) average

空前介词on提示了本空需要名词性成分与之构成搭配。备选的有average(平均)和shock(震惊)。这里意思更合理的是average,且on average是固定搭配“平均地”。

44. H) maintain


45. L) recently

本空所在句不缺其它成分,本空需要副词。备选的又frequently(频繁地)和recently(最近)。空前提到科学家认为气候变化无规律,有些年冷、有些年热(some years are cold, others warm)。本空所在的we have just had an unremarkable string of warm years应当是顺着科学家的观点而来,解释我们现在所处的正好是偏热的年份期。因此本空用recently强调当下更佳。若选frequently表示“我们频繁处在偏热的年份”,则与科学家所持的气温冷热无规律交替的观点不相符合。



The fact is, the world has been finding less oil than it’s been using for 20 years now. Not only has demand been soaring, but the oil we’ve been finding is coming from places that are tough to reach. At the same time, more of this newly discovered oil is of the type that requires a greater investment to refine. And because demand for this precious resource will grow, according to some, by over 40% by 2025, fuelling the world’s growing economic prosperity will take a lot more energy from every possible source.

The energy industry needs to get more from existing fields while continuing to search for newreserves. Automakers must continue to improve fuel efficiency and perfect hybrid vehicles. Technological improvements are needed so that wind, solar and hydrogen can be more viableparts of the energy equation. Governments need to create energy policies that promoteeconomically and environmentally sound development. Consumers must demand, and be willing to pay for, some of these solutions, while practising conservation efforts of their own.

Inaction is not an option. But if everyone works together, we can balance this equation. We’re taking some of the steps needed to get started, but we need your help to get the rest of the way.


36. N) soaring


37. E) difficult


38. F) discovered


39. L) refine

本空位于不定式中,因此需要动词原形。备选的有cultivate(培养)和refine(提炼)。注意到本不定式是在描述新开发的石油所需要进行的工序,能构成合理意思的只有refine。refine the oil意为“炼油”。

40. J) growth


41. M) reserves


42. I) feasible


43. G) economically


44. K) option


45. O) steps

空前的the提示本空需要名词,且some提示本空需要名词复数。符合条件的只有steps(步骤)。take steps意为“采取措施“。


第一篇:The End of the Book?

本文选自2011年5月21日The American Magazine



46. Authors still published in printed versions will be considered important ones.


解析:对应D段末句。printed versions(纸质版本)对应hard copy(印刷版本),be considered important ones(被认为重要)对应become the mark…to reckon(认为是标志)。

47. Some people are still in favor of printed books because of the sense of touch they can provide.


解析:对应N段第三句提到的tactile pleasure in books(书本的触觉上的愉悦)。

48. The radio business has changed greatly and now attracts more listeners.


解析:对应J段最后两句。changed greatly(巨大改变)对应a very different business(相当不同的行业),attracts more listeners(吸引更多听众)对应enlarged their audience(扩大受众面)。

49. Contrary to many people’s prediction of its death, the film industry survived.


解析:对应H段第二句。many people’s prediction对应widely predicted。

50. Remarkable changes have taken place in the book business.



51. Old technology sometimes continues to exist because of its reliability.


解析:对应L段第三句。continues to exist(继续存在)对应remain(保持),reliability(可靠)对应backup(支持、后盾)。

52. The increase of e-book sales will force the book business to make changes not seen for centuries.


解析:对应B段第三句。make changes(做出改变)对应go through a transformation(经历转变),not seen for centuries是对该句后部分时间表达的概括。

53. A new technology is unlikely to take the place of an old one without a clear advantage.


解析:对应F段第一句。a clear advantage(明显优势)岁对better, cheaper or both的概括。take the place of(代替)对应replace(代替)。

54. Paperbacks of popular literature are more likely to be replaced by e-books.



55. A house with a fireplace has a stronger appeal to buyers.


解析:对应M段第三句。has a stronger appeal to buyers(对购买者有很强吸引力)对应a powerful selling point(强劲卖点)。

第二篇:The Touch-Screen Generation

本文选自2013年4月的The Atlantic



46.The author attended the conference, hoping to find some guiding principles for parenting in the electronic age.


解析:对应D段第一句: come to the developers’ conference 对应 attended the conference(出席会议), that they might offer some guiding principle for American parents 对应hoping to find some guiding principles for parenting(提供指导原则)。

47.American parents are becoming more doubtful about the benefits technology is said to bring to their children.


解析:G段第一句American parents完全重现, more, not less, wary(谨慎的)对应more doubtful。

48.Some experts believe that human intelligence develops by the use of hands.


解析:对应A段最后一句:.Some experts 对应 developers(开发者), human intelligence develops by the use of hands 对应 The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.(人类才智由双手的使用而发展)

49.The author found a former Montessori teacher strict control over her kids’ screen time.


解析:E段第一句和最后一句综合得来。 a former Montessori teacher 完全是原文重现,I give them a limit of half an hour and then stop.对应strict control over her kids’ screen time.(严格控制玩电子设备的时间)。

50.Research shows interaction with people is key to babies’ brain development.


解析:C段第二句 research on brain development 完全重现, critical need 对应key(关键),direct interactions with parents and other significant care givers对应interaction with people(人际互动)。

51.So far there has been no scientific proof of the educational benefits of iPads.


解析:H段倒数第二句中,To date对应So far(如今),no body of research has definitively proved that 对应no scientific proof(无科学依据)。

52.American parents worry that overuse of tablets will create problems with their kids’interpersonal relationships/


解析:G段的最后两句中:Parents与 tablets完全重现, can’t make eye contact and has an avatar for a girlfriend(不敢直视他人或只能在家幻想女盆友——好邪恶) 对应 create problems with their kids’interpersonal relationships(人际交往发生了问题)。

53.The author expected developers of children’s apps to specify the benefits of the new technology.


解析:D段的倒数第二句, articulate(清晰表达) some benefits of the new technology对应specify(详述)the benefits of the new technology.

54.The kids at the gathering wre more fascinated by the iPads than by the helicopter.


解析:A段第三句出现helicopter, 第四句的转折 But mostly they looked down, at the iPads and other tablets displayed around the hall like so many open boxes of candy.对应more fascinated by the iPads(但部分人看着iPad就像看糖果般目不转睛)。

55.The author permits her children to use the screen for at most half an hour a day.


解析:F段第四句, permissive对应permits(允许), half an hour a day完全重现, my rule at home对应The author。







本题属于观点型细节题,问最近的一次国会报告提出了什么建议。根据题干定位词latest congressional report 定位到文章第二段第一句。Acknowledge意为“承认”,引出观点。前半句非常简单,“最近的一次国会报告承认了技术训练的关键性”,后半句以but进行语义转折,意为“但是他们也认为关于人文学科和社会科学的研究都必须在任何等级的美国教育系统中作为核心部分”。之后的both areas are critical to…都是在描述这两门学科对塑造人才的积极影响,可以略读。


A. STEM在第一段有解释,分别由science, technology, engineering和maths的首字母组成,意为“科学”,“技术”,“工程学”和“数学”。所以A选项的意思是“与STEM相关的学科可以帮助学生在信息社会找到工作”。文章对于STEM的影响的描述只出现在第二段的最后一句话,但没有提及能帮助找工作,属于无中生有,排除。

B. 意思是“人文学科和STEM应该被给与相同的重要性”。通过第二段第一句话but后面的内容可以确定B为正选。选项唯一的难点是STEM在文中是以social science进行同义替换的方式出现的。Should be given equal importance和原文的must remain central components of …对应。

C. “高等教育的文科能帮助学生丰富精神世界”。C选项的干扰性同样来自于第二段的最后一句,但需要注意的是原文所说的spiritual enrichment是由reflection on the great ideas of mankind提供而非选项所指的liberal arts. 故C排除。

D. “高等教育应该适用于社会的实际需求”。这个选项属于无中生有,比较容易排除。


题目问学生选择专业时主要关心什么。结合顺序原则可以大致定位到第三段,本段前两句话讲述了家长和学生们在为高等教育做出巨大投资之后所以担心的问题就是市场的变化可能会导致孩子们将来就业机会变少以及工资降低。并且根据这个大背景提出了一个公认的解决的办法,也就是由题干中的major定位到的本段第三句,“Major in a subject designed to get you a job”seems the obvious answer to some,… 意思是“选择一个为给你找到工作而设计的专业是大部分人认可大答案”。






问作者如何评价所谓的“软”学科。本题答案依然出自于第三段,57题定位句的后半句,即though this ignores the fact that many disciplines in the humanities characterized as “soft” often, in fact, lead to employment and success in the long run.本句的disciplines与subjects都是“学科”的意思,所以这句话可以翻译成“尽管他们忽略一个事实,那就是人文学科中那些被描述成“软”学科的,通常能够能够促成将来的就业和成功”。

A.“他们会在将来的生活使学生受益。”benefit与原文的lead to employment and success对应,in their future与原文的in the long run对应。A为正选。





问老板想找什么类型的应聘者。答案出自第三段最后一句话,employers have expressed a preference for students who received a broadly-based education that has taught them how to write well, think carefully, research creatively, and communicate easily. 这句话非常直白地告诉我们老板所偏爱的员工是接受过broadly-based education的人,即“全方位教育”,所以与这句话有相同描述的选项即为正选。










问作者给大学生提了什么建议。全文只有四段话,前三段都已经用于解决之前的四道题,所以最后一题自然而然地定位到最后一段。并且由第一句里的students should…就应该知道作者提出了某个建议,所以答案应该就出自这一句话。原文提到“学生们不仅应该为他们的第一个工作做准备,还有为他们的第四甚至第五个工作做准备”,这句话完全对应C选项所说的内容。

第二篇:Energy Independence

本文原文出处:2012年12月7号 The Americans


61、A 此题并非主旨题,按顺序原则及题干信息定位首段。 “If you think so, you’re not alone”表明作者持有同样想法,答案往“so”前面找——“Energy independence. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?” have a nice ring to sth.表示“听起来不错,令人向往”的意思,选项A的attractive是其同义改写。即使不了解短语,根据nice可判断正态度,答案选A。

62、D 由题干信息biofuels定位在第四段落。定位句本身出现but强调:“but most biofuels are a Faustian bargain, causing economic waste and environmental destruction. ”but后面的强调才是作者对于biofuels的真正想法——causing economic waste and environmental destruction。选项中AB选项均为正态度,与原文不符直接排除。原文中C选项为干扰选项,“可持续的能源供给”,文章未提及。

63 、C 按照阅读出题的“顺序原则”直接看到下一段(第五段)。首句“Americans have basically decided that they don’t really want to produce all their own oil. ”美国人不愿意自己产油,是63题题干信息当中“…America rely on heavily on oil imports”的同义改写。根据“金三句原则”定位到定位句的下一句“the American people…decided that they value the environmental quality they preserve over their oil imports from abroad. ” 相比从国外进口石油,美国人更看重环境质量,由此判断,答案选C——“keep environment intact”。

64、B 根据定位词oil trade以及顺序原则定位到文章倒数第二段。首句“there are benefits to trade. It allows for economic efficiency…we benefit” , allow for 本意为考虑顾及到,这里可灵活的翻译为have,表示“有”的意思,可得知选B选项——It improves economic efficiency.。

65、A 问作者写作意图,即问全文主旨。根据各段首句以及串联五个题干信息可得知,文章主要讨论“America”的“energy independence”,就可以直接排除BCD选项了。为做题保险,还要进一步确认。由文章末端的结尾“At the same time, we derive massive economic benefits…when we engage in energy trade around the world.” 可得知作者态度还是站在“oil imports”这一边的,因为可以得到“massive economic benefits”,所以作者还是在为“oil imports”而申辩的。答案选A。

第三篇:Leadership Literature

原文出自《BUSINESS INSIDER》http://www.businessinsider.com/3-signs-youre-a-true-leader-2013-6?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+businessinsider+(Business+Insider)


What does the author think the leaders he knows?

A. Many of them are used to taking charge.(他们中的很多人习惯于掌控)

B. Few of them are equal to their positions.(他们中很少有人配得上自己的职位)

C. Many of them fail to fully develop their potential.(他们中的很多人没有完全开发自己的潜力)

D. Few of them are familiar with leadership literature.(他们中很少有人熟悉领导手册)

题目问作者是如何看待他所认识的领导者的。通过顺序原则和定位词the leaders he knows可以找到文章第二段的第一句,I see way fewer truly effective leaders than I see people stuck in positions of leadership who are sadly incompetent and seriously misguided about their own abilities.注意这句话里的way并不是我们所熟知的名词含义“方法”,而是一个程度副词,类似于“相当地”。这句话的大致意思就是“相比于那些真正高效的领导者,我见到更多的是处在领导者的位置却却总是被自己的无能给蒙蔽的人”。B选项即为这句话的同义改写。


Why are some people eager to grab leadership positions?

A. They believe they have the natural gift to lead.(他们认为自己有天生的领导才能)

B. They believe in what leadership literature says.(他们相信领导手册说的东西)

C. They have proved competent in many situations.(他们在很多情况下都被证明是无能的)

D. They derive great satisfaction from being leaders.(他们在做领导时感受到极度的不满)

题目问为什么很多人总是热衷于领导职位。这道题是因果细节题,常规的解决方法是通过题干路标词定位,再在定位句附近寻找因果逻辑词锁定答案。通过grab leadership position定位到第四段第二句Whether it’s a decision-making session, a basketball game, a family outing, they can’t help grabbing the lead dog position and cling to it for dear life. 这句话意思不难理解,说的就是很多人领导欲很强不管是在什么场合之下。往后一句话直接道破了他们这样做的原因。They believe they are natural born leaders. A选项同义改写,为正选。


What characterizes a great leader according to the author?

A. Being able to take prompt action when chances present themselves.(当机会自己出现时能做出及时的反应)

B. Having a whole-hearted dedication to their divine responsibilities.(全身心地奉献给他们神圣的责任)

C. Having a full understanding of their own merits and weaknesses.(对自己的优点和缺点有深刻的理解)

D. Being able to assess the situation carefully before taking charge.(能在掌控之前仔细评估形势)

题目问根据作者,什么最能够用来形容一个成功的领导者。通过great leaders直接定位到文章第五段第四句。A great leader will assess each situation on its merits, and will only take charge when their position, the situation, and/or the needs of the moment demand it.这句话很明显就是作者对于成功领导者的描述,所以答案不言而喻,一个成功的领导者懂得审时度势,再决定是否应该掌控一切。所以D为正选。


How will many business executives respond when their command fails to generate action?

A. They reassess the situation at hand.(他们会重新估计当下的形势)

B. They become impatient and rude.(他们变的不耐烦和粗鲁)

C. They resort to any tool available.(他们会使用任何可用的工具)

D. They blame their team members.(他们会埋怨自己的团队成员)

题目问当命令没有落实到行动时,很多经理是如何反应的。通过many business executives 定位到第六段第一句话,Many business executives confuse leadership with action. 这句话并没有直接体现答案,所以我们可以适当地往后读。第三句话写到Faced with any situation can’t be solved by the sheer force of activity, they generate a dust cloud of impatience.意思是“当遇到没法全凭行动来解决的问题时,他们就会变得极度不耐烦”。这句话基本对应了B选项的impatient,但是还不够。再往后一句话,Their one leadership tool is volume: if they think you are not working as hard as they think you should, their demands become increasingly louder and harsher. “声音是他们的领导工具之一,如果他们认为你没有像他们期望的那么努力工作,他们的命令就会变得越来越大声和刺耳”。这一句话对应的是B里的rude。所以B为正选。


What is the author’s advice to leaders?

A. Concentrate on one specific task at a time.(同时只专注于一个特定的任务)

B. Use different tools to achieve different goals.(用不同的工具来实现不同的目标)

C. Build up s strong team to achieve their goals.(建立一个强大的团队来实现他们的目标)

D. Show determination when faced with tough tasks.(面临艰巨的任务时体现出强烈的决心)

题目问作者对于领导的建议是什么。做完前面四道题还有最后两段话没有用于定位,所以完全可以把两段话都快速读一遍。本题的答案出自最后一句话。A true leader is someone who develops his or her team so that they can and do hit their targets and achieve their goals. C选项就是整句话的同义改写,为正选。ABD均为无中生有。



What does the author of the passage think of Millennials?

A. They show little interest in entertainment.(他们对于娱乐活动没什么兴趣)

B. They are not confident about their ability.(他们对自己的能力不自信)

C. They enjoy an easy life due to high technology.(因为高科技他们能享受轻松的生活)

D. They may not have bright prospects for success.(他们可能不会有成功的希望)

题目问作者如何看待“千禧一代”的。这篇文章比较特殊,几乎每个题里都有Millennials这个词,所以很难用它来进行准确地定位,我们只能依靠顺序原则按照段落一段一段地去找答案。文章第一段话提到一个人叫作Joel Stein的人,他认为Millennials这一代人的还是有潜力的,但第二段的开头作者说到I hesitate to share his optimism…说他对于分享这份乐观有点犹豫,意味着他觉得他们这代人并不是optimistic的。D选项就是这句话的同义改写。ABC属于无中生有的干扰项。


How do Millennials feel about their life?

A. They can hardly do anything about it.(他们几乎不能做任何事)

B. There is little in it to get excited about.(很少有能让他们感觉兴奋的事)

C. It is not as good as their parents’.(不如他们父母的生活好)

D. It is full of opportunities for success.(充满了成功的机会)

这道题难度比较大,最关键的还是像第一题说的,很难进行定位,所以我们依然只能按照顺序原则往下看。第二段的最后半句说…,yet we are more bored than ever before. 意思是“我们前所未有的无聊”,与B选项的…little in it to get excited about.完全对应。再来看其他几个选项,A,文章第五段首句说到But do Millennials respond to these economic troubles by doing whatever it takes to make ends meet? Hardly? 很多同学可能会脑一热就选了这个答案,但问题是文章说的是“他们几乎不会…”而选项则是“他们几乎不能…”,这并不是一个概念。而且题目问的是他们的态度,A更像是描述一个现状,所以A排除。再往后看,C选项出自于第四句话Millennials want to save the world, but they sit and wait for that world-changing opportunity to be handed to them. 意思是“这些人想要拯救世界但只是坐着等改变世界的机会自己降临”。但D选项的full of并没有在文中体现,所以也可以排除。C选项在最后一句有提及,Millennials may the first generation to have a lower standard of living than their parents…但此处是作者的评价而非Millennials自己的态度。C也排除。因此正选为B


In what way are Millennials different from previous generations according to Pew Research?

A. They spend less time socializing.(他们花很少的时间社交)

B. They are indifferent to others.(他们对别人漠不关心)

C. They do not value hard work.(他们不重视努力工作)

D. They are more independent.(他们更加独立)

题目问根据Pew Research, Millennials在哪些方面不同于他们的先辈。通过路标词Pew Research直接定位到第五段的第二句,…the Millennial generation does not cite work ethic as distinctive of itself.意思就是这一辈人并不把努力工作当作非常重要的事。锁定C选项。


What should Millennials do according to the author?

A. Remain optimistic in face of adversity.(在面临逆境时仍然保持乐观)

B. Start a business as early as possible.(尽早开始创业)

C. Make full use of new opportunities.(充分利用新的机会)

D. Take action to change their situation.(采取行动来改变他们的现状)

题目问根据作者的说法,Millennials应该怎么做。这道题的答案出自第五段第五句,Instead of working 2-3 jobs, launching a business, or doing what is takes to succeed, they retreat. 意思是“并没有兼两三份工作,也没有开始创业或者做能让他们成功的事,他们只是撤退。”通过instead of 这个短语我们也应该知道作者的态度是他们就应该多找几份工作,开始创作或者做些别的事情。AC选项无中生有们可以排除。B里的start a business文中有提及但并没有说as early as possible,也排除。所以D为正选。


Why are Millennials over-confident about themselves?

A. They have been spoiled by their parents.(他们被父母宠坏了)

B. They can always get whatever they expect.(他们想要什么就能得到什么)

C. They are misguided by management books.(他们被管理手册误导了)

D. They think they are young and energetic.(他们认为自己年轻而且精力充沛)

题目问什么Millennials那么自负。这道题相对简单,按照顺序原则定位到全文最后一句,Today’s young adults were raised by parents who made sure to boost their self-esteem at every turn, telling them they could achieve whatever they set their minds to, and handing out prizes for the sixth place. 句中self-esteem意为“自尊”,大致意思就是“父母会尽量保证自己能激励孩子的自尊,告诉他们可以实现任何他们想做的事情。”B选项是这句话的同义改写。所以正选为B。


本文原文出处:2011年12月15号 纽约时报


56、A. To reduce medical error

根据四个有规律的选项信息可判断这是不定式问目的的题目。先找到定位点,再在定位点附近找包含信息的不定式。根据题干信息,画出定位词“computers, smartphones and other devices”可以迅速定位到文章首段首句——“Hospitals, hoping to curb medical error, have invested heavily to put computers, smartphones and other devices into the hands of medical staff…”。其中“invested…into the hands of medical staff”就是题干“equip their staff with..”所同义改写的部分。定位句中的插入语部分“hoping to curb medical error”即要找的不定式,对比原文和选项,“curb”是抑制的意思,选项中的“reduce”是对它的同义改写,最后选A——to reduce medical error。

57、C. The problem of devices preventing doctors from focusing on their patients.

例证题。按题干定位词“distracted doctoring”定位在第三段。而distracted doctoring所描述的是第三段首句的“this phenomenon”,讲的是第二段中所例证的phenomenon,所以答案往上一段找。第二段首句举例说明了随之而来的“side effect”——“doctors and nurses can be focused on the screen and not the patient”、“admitted texting during a procedure”,可见作者通过说“distracted doctoring”是想说明devices的“side effect”,即C选项。

58 、B. Doctors’ interaction with their devices may endanger patients’ lives.

根据题干信息“Dr. Peter Papadakos”定位在文章第四段和第五段,其中都包含了DPP这个人所说的话。第四段说到把devices带到医院“to do medical records”,同时也可以上网、看脸书,而且这些会更加的“tempting”;第五段说道自己的“fut feeling”即“worry”是“lives are in danger”。总结两段的表述,devices对医生的吸引以及病人生命危在旦夕,即可选出B选项。

59、C . Data is given too much importance in patient care.

因果题。根据题干信息问的是“why”——原因,因此要确定找到定位点附近的因果词,判断孰因孰果选出答案。根据题干“increasing pressure”定位在文章第七段最后一行最后一句,根据金三句原则——定位句本身以及前句和后句,找到第八段首句“The pressure stems from”——“这种压力源自…”即答案在这个后面。根据这里所说的patient care must be data driven可选出答案为C。

60、B. They focus their attention on the patient's condition.

根据题干信息Peter Carmel以及顺序原则定位到最后一段,而对“doctors”的“advice”应该在末段末句的后半部分“but he added that doctors’ first priority should be with the patient”,即对医生的建议摆在首位的一定是“patient”,四个选项中跟patient相关的只有选项B,其他均未提及。

第六篇:Woman and Man

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56、C. they feel obliged to take care of their kids at home

文章第一段大致说明了“women earn less than men”的现象,而由题干中的“traditionally”定位到文章第二段。“All the traditional reasons…women fall behind when they leave the workforce to raise kids…”,由此可选出C选项,核心原因是kids。

57、B. It does not consider the economic impact on graduates.

由题干信息America’s higher education system定位在第三段落最后一句“…higher education system is not designed to focus on the economic consequences of our students’ year on campus”。选项中跟economic consequences相关的选项只有B选项,“economic impact”是对原文“economic consequences”的同义改写。

58 、A. It is different for male and female students.

由题干的“today”定位到第四段的“now”。第四段中“… one might think the college campus is a pretty equal place. It is not.”,继而举例论证campus中男女学生的不同待遇, “They enroll in different kinds of classes…”,因此答案选A。

59、D. They don't perform as well as they did in high school.

文中第四段有:studies show that while girls do better than boys in high school, they start to trail off during their college years.重点在于动词词组,trail off 有渐渐减弱的意思,在这里明显是指女生到了大学后表现开始不如高中,C选项don't perform as well as they did in high school即是表示的这个意思。即使不知道trail off 的意思也可以通过句首连词while,来判断出下一句为转折关系。从而知道是在大学表现变差。

60、A. Woman are too worn out to be ambitious.

题干问作者对于男人女人间“pay gap”的解释,根据顺序原则定位到文章末段,最后一句“No wonder they are not negotiation for higher salaries as soon as they get out of school”的原因是“They are too exhausted, and too scared of failing”,由此对比选项,“Women are too worn out to be ambitious”是更为贴近原文主旨的选线,因此选A。


作文题:Suppose a foreign friend of yours is going to visit your hometown/your campus/China(多题多卷的三个不同), what is the most interesting place you would like to take him/her to see and why?

The most interesting place

Dear Pacival,

I am thrilled to know that you are going to visit my hometown and I can’t wait to see you again. I miss everything that happened when I was in your city, and your parents and you were so kind to me that I will try my best this time to make your stay an enjoyable and memorable one.

My home town,Changsha, is the capital of Hunan province and best known as the star city for its well developed entertainment industry and tourism. There are numerous places and attractions worth recommending, and Yuelu Mountain is the first one that I’d like to introduce to you. Firstly, at the foot of Yuelu Mountain is the prominent Yuelu Academy. It has an exceedingly long history and its architecture is characteristic of Song Dynasty. Then, after a half hour tour, we will reach the Bird Forest. There are various rare birds there, and they can sing, perform, and interact with us. After about an hour, we will arrive at the peak, Baiyun Summit. The scenery there is spectacular and we can have a wonderful panorama of the whole city.

I bet you must be very excited about all these activities, and the Yuelu Mountain is waiting for us to explore. All you need is to pack up and go, and I assure you that this trip will be a great fun.

Should you have any question and suggestion, please let me know.

I am looking forward to your arrival.

Yours sincerely,









In order to promote the equality of education, China has invested 36 billion yuan for the improvement of the educational facilities in rural areas and the enhancement of the rural compulsory education in the midwest. The fund is used to modify teaching facilities and to purchase books, benefiting more than 160 thousand primary schools and middle schools. Meanwhile, the fund is used to supplement musical instruments and painting supplies. Nowadays, like the children in coastal cities, those living in rural and mountain areas also have music and painting lessons. As a result, some students, once transferring to other cities for better education, come back to local schools now.





其他部分都是目的状语, 可以用不定式或短语in order to 或者用介词for来表达。用词方面,“加强”,“改善”,等在2013年12月四级真题以及样题中都已经考过,所以想到improve和enhance并不困难。




第五句话,注意非谓语作定语的使用(transferring to)。



2011年3月日本人核电站事故后,中国的核能开发停了下来,中止审批新的核电站,并开展全国性的核电安全检查。到2012年10月,审批才又谨慎的恢复。 随着技术和安全措施的改进,发生核事故的可能性完全可以降到最低程度。换句话说,核能是可以安全开发和利用的。

China should further develop nuclear energy because currently,nuclear power accounts for only 2% of its total generating capacity . Such proportion ranks the thirtieth in all the countries possessing nuclear power, which is almost the last.

After Japan’s nuclear power accident in March 2011, nuclear power development in China was suspended, so was the approval of new nuclear power plants. Also, the national safety check for the nuclear power was carried out. IT was not until October 2012 that the approval was prudently resumed.

With the improvement of technology and safety measures, there is little possibility for nuclear accidents to happen. In other words, there won’t be any trouble to develop and exploit the nuclear power.





第一句,考察词汇 进一步,占据,以及句子逻辑关系的判断。


第三句话是全文最长的一句话,注意几个简单句的合并(so was B以及用逻辑词);考察词汇 停止,开展。

第四句,考察“直到。。。才”(not until)句型。


最后一句,简单句,考察短语换句话说, 以及词汇开发利用。



Chinese education workers realized the significance of reading for a nation long time ago. In 2003,some workers suggested that we have a national reading day. They emphasized that people ought to read good books especially the classic ones. Through reading, people can learn better how to be grateful, responsible and cooperative, and the goal of education is to cultivate these basic personalities. Reading is especially important for middle and primary school students;Therefore, if they don't nurture the interest of reading at that key period, it will be harder for them to develop a habit to read in the future.

解析:第一句话,注意时态(早就,应该是过去式);第二句话,注意suggest后的虚拟语气,should do,should经常被省略;第三句话,词汇(重视)、应该的多元性写法(不要只用should)、经典(classic而不是classical);第四句话,注意介词和两句话之间的逻辑性;第五句话无难度,要注意和第六句话之间的衔接;最后一句话,条件句的主将从现。


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